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Instructor: U-Jam Fitness

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In addition to being certified in both Latin Jam Workout and Zumba, he is a certified instructor and Coach for an urban-based, world beats fitness program based out of Northern California that’s growing across the nation called U-Jam Fitness. In addition to his fitness resume, he’s also a published author, screenwriter, a freelance journalist for two online magazine and a legal assistant.


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I have played Collegiate basketball, danced for 10 years and always had a passion for health and wellness which lead me to became certified in Piloxing.

Michael began dancing at the age of 8 with ALYO Children’s Dance theatre. Michael studied West African Dance, Caribbean, Hip Hop and Horton Technique. He started his career in theater at the age 14 through After School Matters. Michael attended Illinois State University, where he joined NOIR Dance Troupe and became a choreographer for the troupe.

Instructor- Zumba

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Natalie Faith Cottrell began dancing at the age of 4 studying classical ballet in El Paso, Texas. She has experience as a volunteer in children's ministry for 11 years dancing, singing and acting. After high school, she relocated to Los Angeles to receive her BFA in Musical Theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She met Marisa Schor who inspired her to teach Zumba. Natalie has her certification as a licensed Zumba instructor/ZIN member. She has a passion for Zumba dancing and believes that you do not have to be a professional dancer to enjoy dancing and having fun! Natalie is also a babysitter, enjoys coloring & baking!


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Mandy was born in Essex, England and spent her childhood in dance classes and competing in dance festivals. She attended the prestigious Italia Conti Academy for Performing Arts College in London and upon completion began traveling the world as a dancer. Her travels eventually brought her out to Orlando Florida where she performed for Disney, Universal and many different theater's and special events.
In 2006 she decided to come to LA where she continues to perform live, also teach dance, narrate audio books and sing and play bass in her band. Her passion for performing comes across in her classes and she's thrilled to have the opportunity to share this passion with her students of all ages

Zumba Fitness Instructor

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Blanca Gomez is from Grand Prairie TX she has been a zumba instructor and licensed ZIN member for 3 and a half years. She moved to LA to pursue acting, but nothing gives her more joy than being a part of someone fitness journey. Her dancing and stage performance history really reflects in her classes, she is fearless and her goal is to give her students a good workout and loves to make them laugh.

Cize Dance Fitness Instructor

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Heather is a Health Coach and mom of 2 boys. After having two kids in two years Heather decided to get her health in check and lost over 60lbs using Beachbody workouts like CIZE. The workout transformed her life so much she decided to pursue her new passion becoming a CIZE LIVE instructor. She's now paying it forward helping moms and woman do the same. Embracing a love for Dance Fitness at any age. She is now enjoying her new journey dancing, teaching and living!!

Energetic, bubbly, and passionate about all types of dance, Saniya loves to fuel that same energy in her students. She aims to make each class a true rejuvenating workout in a fun and judgment-free zone. “BollySoul” is her way of combining a love for Bollywood, Zumba, and choreography.
Prior to teaching at Rock Star Dance Fitness, Saniya received formal training in classical Cecchetti and Russian ballet, contemporary dance, Kuchipudi (classical Indian dance), hip-hop and Bollywood. She choreographed a mix of pieces for Babson College’s Dance Ensemble for four years, and continues to find a passion in dance and teaching every day.

Joe was born in London. He started dancing and training at age of 15 at the prestigious Pineapple Studios (London). From the age of 18 to 22 Joe was chosen to be part of a selective dance troupe and given such opportunities to perform at events such as Top of the Pops, Blue Peter, The Mobo Awards working with artists Neyo, T-pain and Amy Winehouse, MTV’s My Sweet Sixteen, with Sean Kingston and many other projects. Not only did he gain experience teaching privately all over London, he had the rare opportunity to travel to the centre of the Mediterranean to the...

‘m from Santa Clarita and I’ve been a ZIN instructor since July of 2012 and I’m also CPR certified. I took salsa and Zumba classes since late 2010 with various instructors at dance studios and at different LA Fitness locations in Northridge and Santa Clarita before I decided to become an instructor. Music and dancing have always been my favorite hobbies. For any new student that comes to my class, I always say a phrase that my salsa instructor would always say to her students. Her motto was “Fake n Shake.” You don’t have to have experience taking my class....

Courtney Briggs’ journey with dance began at a young age having deep passion and a clear view of her future plans within the art of dance. She trained under a variety of instructors in Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. She was a member of Resilience, a pre-professional dance company, under the direction of Joey Hernandez. She trained extensively in a variety of styles of dance and learned the business side of the industry. Courtney also found a love for choreographing and seeing her work performed by other dancers, not just herself. Upon high school graduation, she became a...

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