Erin Case-Claxton


Erin Case-Claxton and I am a Piloxing instructor! I fell in Love with Piloxing two years ago when searching for an intense workout that would allow my body to push itself to the limit, incorporate different techniques, all without over stressing my joints. Piloxing was it! I have played Collegiate basketball, danced for 10 years and always had a passion for health and wellness which lead me to became certified in Piloxing. I have been instructing for a year and a half and love helping others reach their fitness goals through this technique!
Piloxing is the perfect blend of Pilates and boxing moves, sculpting muscles, fat burning, core-centered interval training. Your body will thank you as your challenged to become leaner, stronger and well balanced through this fun, low-impact, yet high intensity building work out!
Come find your power through speed and agility while boxing, work on sculpting and flexibility through Pilates and add a dose of fun dance moves to round it off! You can’t go wrong and you can only leave this class feeling, “Sleek, Sexy and Powerful!”

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