Courtney Briggs

Courtney Briggs’ journey with dance began at a young age having deep passion and a clear view of her future plans within the art of dance. She trained under a variety of instructors in Chicago, Illinois, and Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. She was a member of Resilience, a pre-professional dance company, under the direction of Joey Hernandez. She trained extensively in a variety of styles of dance and learned the business side of the industry. Courtney also found a love for choreographing and seeing her work performed by other dancers, not just herself. Upon high school graduation, she became a dance instructor in the Madison, Wisconsin area. in Courtney’s view, teaching and choreographing are art forms that require passion, guidance and an openness in order to get desired results. She continues to train and expand her talent as a performer, teacher and choreographer so she can guide and support her own dancers and promote her love for dance through all the work she does.

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