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Single Class Drop In $15

1 Class per week $60 /Month

2 Classes per week $110/Month

3 Classes per week $165/Month

Ages 5-15 (45 -55 Minute Class)

Single Class Drop In $18

1 Class per week $68/Month

2 Classes per week $130/Month

3 Classes per week $185/Month

4 Classes per week $240/Month

Unlimited Classes $299 Per Month 

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Check out all the amazing classes we are now offering through RS Confidence Wellness, Cultural & Performing Arts Academy.

(A partner of Rock Star Dance Fitness and 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Now accepting donations)


*Kids & Teens class registration requires the purchase of the packages at the above prices.
If you purchase an adult package from the adult pricing you WILL NOT be able to register your students in the kids & teens classes.

Please review our can you buy Lyrica in canada page for more details regarding this and other policies for Kids & Teens programs. We look forward to seeing you & your student in our classes.

Kids & Teen’s Instructors

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Dario Sanchez is from Santa Clarita and has been a CPR certified ZIN instructor since July 2012. Dario took salsa and Zumba classes starting in late 2010 with various instructors at dance studios and LA Fitness locations in Northridge and Santa Clarita before deciding to become an instructor. Music and dancing have always been favorite hobbies of Dario’s. For any new student that comes to class, Dario always repeats a phrase that his salsa instructor would say to her students: “Fake n Shake.” You don’t have to have experience to take Dario’s class.

Joe was born in London and started dancing and training at the age of 15 at the prestigious Pineapple Studios (London). From 18 to 22, Joe was chosen for a selective dance troupe performing at events such as Top of the Pops, Blue Peter, The Mobo Awards with artists Neyo, T-pain and Amy Winehouse, MTV’s My Sweet Sixteen with Sean Kingston, and many other projects. Not only did he gain experience teaching privately all over London, he had the rare opportunity to travel to the centre of the Mediterranean to the small island of Malta to teach at their top ranked...


buy Lyrica canada pharmacy

Mandy was born in Essex, England and spent her childhood in dance classes and competing in dance festivals. She attended the prestigious Italia Conti Academy for Performing Arts College in London and upon completion began traveling the world as a dancer. Her travels eventually brought her out to Orlando Florida where she performed for Disney, Universal and many different theater's and special events.
In 2006 she decided to come to LA where she continues to perform live, also teach dance, narrate audio books and sing and play bass in her band. Her passion for performing comes across in her classes and she's thrilled to have the opportunity to share this passion with her students of all ages


New dance moves take time to learn.

We’re excited to be providing this new service to you. Check back here periodically throughout the week for updated information and FAQs.

Buy Pregabalin online usa, Buy Lyrica dubai

$ 99