B.A. in Dance; Over 20 Years of Professional Fitness Experience.

Discover a New Career Opportunity to teach the hottest new Cardio Dance Fitness Cultural Arts Wellness Program!

Learn to teach a diverse repertoire of African, Caribbean, and World Beat Dance Styles to a variety of Musical Rhythms from Around the World & throughout the African Diaspora.

Afro-Caribbean Grooves Fitness is a physical, mental, and spiritual wellness arts program combining Afro-Beats, Afro-House, Traditional African Dance, Dance Hall, Dunham Technique, Reggae, Salsa, Samba, and Soca dance moves and music.

This program helps students build self confidence, mental wellness, leadership skills, culture, community, and job opportunities. 

We offer Elite Education and Certificate Training Programs that provide hands-on training to help students become Fitness Professionals in the Dance and Fitness Industry.

​Our goal is to increase career and job opportunities for participants by providing them with extensive knowledge on what is required to become a successful Fitness Professional Entrepreneur.